Tricks to avoid horizontal transistor is broken again


Horizontal transistor knew TV was damaged (CE) short
When a new replacement transistor is turned on .... try ... transistor is broken again.
Experiences like this will almost certainly have been found by all technicians


Broken horizontal transistor transistor may be due to chance is less good quality ... but it can also caused other problems and need to find the cause ....

To avoid accidents like this and may take victims until several horizontal transistor, we have our usual tricks do if will replace the horizontal transistor. This is especially if we do replace the transistor that cost quite expensive (..... need to know the original horizontal transistor 29 "or 34" 100Hz TV is the price on 100ribu)

Tools needed:

100watt light bulb lamp that tips are given two pieces of cable connection -+ over 20cm
20ohm/20wat two resistors which are also given a cable connection with the same length. Second row and resistors mounted on an aluminum diklem air. If not installed air, heat from burning resistors can work table when installed.
Flat piece of aluminum to install temporary air outside the main horizontal transistor-board and 3 pieces 20cm long cable to connect.


While the horizontal transistor pairs and paste on aluminum outside air
Connect the base and emitter transistor directly to the main pcb.
Particularly for the Collector indirectly connected. Among the first flybak with collectors installed 100watt light bulb
Turn on the TV ...... measure tension and tension Screen Heater. Usually be small ........ measured around 1V and Screen Heater around 100V (depending on screen position VR).
If the tension does not appear so uncertain flyback nearly broken.
If voltage above is available, it can be extended:

Last light bulb.
Pairs instead of a first resistor that is available.
Turn on the TV ......... ....... wait a few minutes check the horizontal transistor is not hot ........ (in this case will go on .... but the raster horizontal narrows. ..)
If the normal transistor ........ the two pairs of resistors are available in parallel.
If the direct connect ........ normal transistor collector of the flyback.
If you currently are using a resistor .... held transistor horizontal hot ....... this shows there is another problem that can cause later horizontal transistor will be damaged again ........... it must be found further pairs of resistors .... cause when trying to switch the horizontal transistor is not hot anymore.

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