Service Mode Panasonic GP41 chassis (ic zig-zag)

SERVICE MODE GP41 PANASONIC chassis (using a zig-zag ic VCT)

How to enter service mode:

Minimum volume set.
Press the timer button until the timer display appears.
Press the DISPLAY button on the remote (hold) + press the Vol-Down on the front panel
So going into SERVICE MODE.1
To transfer the SERVICE MODE.2 and 3.

SERVICE MODE.1 used to adjust the geometry.

To select an item use the "3" and '4 '
To change the data value using the buttons Vol Up / Down
Every time change data should be stored directly in with the "OK"
To exit the service menu buttons N (Normal)

MODE.2 SERVICE is for beet Option arrangements that govern the features of relevant models, such as mono, stereo AV, or RF stereo etc.

Option to switch use the "8" or "9"
To change the bit value use the buttons Vol Up / Down
If you change the data value should be directly deposited with the button OK
To exit the service menu buttons N (Normal)

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