Reset Motherboard

Although seem trivial, but the steps to reset the BIOS incorrectly can cause the BIOS or motherboard components more damaged, at least that's what it used to be I have ever experienced. For steps Read more:
1. Make sure the computer is not connected to utility power. This can be done by unplugging the power from a stop contact kobel and also unplug the power supply (24-pin power cable) of the computer's motherboard
2. Wait a few moments to make sure the electric current has been lost. To accelerate the loss of (waste) of electric current on the motherboard, we can hit the power button on the computer.
3. Search button or a jumper labeled CLR CMOS. For this there is a jumper consists of 3 pin and 2 pin. To clear the CMOS or reset the BIOS, press the reset button. For the tpe 3 pin jumper position, move to the other side while the jamper type jumper 2 pin, then we should look for first jumpers to menjumper second pin. Let a few seconds in that position
4. After that the move back to its original position jumper position for a type 3 pin or unplug the jumper for type 2 pin. Input cable power supply motherboard. Make sure all terangkai correctly then then connect your computer to an electric .
5. restart the computer. If the reset is successful then the actual BIOS BIOS will return to its original position. And in the case of damage to the computer is not booting, the BIOS reset, after the computer booted normally would be able to return
6. If you reset the BIOS is not successful, do steps 1-2 again, then disconnect the batter y for the BIOS and did go back to step 3-5.
7. If managed well, repeat steps 1-3 again, unplug all the cables on the motherboard, power supply off the battery BIOS and Memory (RAM) your computer. Repeat steps 3-5.
8. The last step is to reset the BIOS if the above has not succeeded is back doing steps 1-2, then off all components on the motherboard, Processor, RAM and other additional Card like VGA Card. Clean of dirt and the motherboard again repeat step 3, this time set aside once for 30 minutes. Then just repeat steps 3-5.

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