Windows 7 Black Screen

Manner repairs windows 7 black screen this me write based on insident kemaren when repair computer with os windows 7 only display black sail (black screen) in monitor. windows 7 black screen this happen after user success logging but windows can not start up bormally, existing only dark sail display with cursor mouse that stills can menggerak-gerakan.

to repair windows 7 black screen i try to step into windows safe fashion, but the insident being equal, only menampila black sail and can not mengapa-apain again. final i release jurus next in computer repair stage that is with try to return setingan windows to previous condition via utility system restore, and praise be to god in this way error windows 7 black screen can be repaired.

Next my manner repairs windows display 7 black screen by using utility system restore:

1. as usual, will step menu advance boot option with will button f8 at the (time) of windows startup.
2. choose repair your computer
3. in window system recovery option choose (to click) tool system restore
4. will choose restore point that be where setingan windows be returned (restore). to see restore point other can be done with click button show more restore points. click next to continue.
5. will follow step next where will windows will restarting and begin process restore
6. after process restore system windows success, we try to logging again. when not logging, example caused by service doesn't functioned to try computer is restartinged to return.
7. by on windows damage 7 black screen success repaired.

besides by using utility system restore, to repair windows 7 black screen this us also can use manner as follows:

1. download beforehand application fixshell. exe here
2. step into menu advance boot option with depress f8 and choose windows safe fashion with command prompt.
3. run command: sfc/ scannow to repair windows system file and return explorer. exe
4. when does windows window explorer can functioned, run application fixshell. exe on.
5. restart computer.

the above is true manner to repair windows display 7 black screen or known also with term black screen of death (bsod), that is by using utility system restore or application fixshell. good can help. .

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