Protec TeleVision

There are some manner to look for television damage protect
here i give one of [the] manner unuk trace
points example protect center at ic program

ic will send signal protect when does tension at points protect less than teg b+(ic prog)
center protect at teg 180v, abl, 115v, vertical 40v, vert 15v, sound (), 5v&8v
-ic protect when does one of [the] tension above will decrease /kongslet (Language java Banyumas)
center protect at heater,
-ic protect when does tension heater will rise and protect also when heater go.
-apabila heater rise tension escapes to pass deoda zener d10 and send base bait tr to demote tension protect
-apabila teg heater will go deoda d9 will demote teg protect
center protect teg 3,3
-ic protect when teg 3,3 rise
teg 3,3 will escape to pass deoda zener d12,dan bait base tr

protection points example center at osc

center protect load horizontal
ic osc protect  when is there load over do at part horizontal
kind transistor pnp will send teg positip to ic osc caused by tension difference at b+ power suply with b+ plyback.

manner traces part that causes television protect
1)cari one of [the] points protect easiest at know
2) after one of [the] points protect at find to trace the stripe and find points protect other to points centre protect can center at ic program / ic osc horizontal
3)tandai points points protect that at find
4) cut one by one points protect (like examples at picture “sign x”)
5) flame television, if still tar protect, you continue dismemberment. to points centre protect
6) if dismemberment to centre points stills tar protect, damage in ic prog / ic memory
7) don't cut clock / data
8) don't light television too long in a state of protect cut
9) for cable projector television hv tube must at free because can cause defect tube
10) for television plasma / lcd memory at back up formerly caused by several brands 3 /10 time protect direct lock
11) after part protect at find to live to rack brains to repair

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