Power Suply ATX

Power supply atx be power supply that put into use in generation computer piii up to now. power supply atx equiped with power switch or usually called with autoshutdown, the purpose computer can direct deaden with depress command shutdown in system operation without button off in casing.

power supply atx has diverse konektor that has tension value and function that vary also. macam-mcam konektor found on power supply atx:

1. konektor 20/24 pin atx motherboard.

used to suplly tension to motherboard. in motherboard long version is used konektor atx 20 pin, while motherboard now / newest use konektor atx 24 pin. to konektor atx 24 pin basically be konektor atx 20 pin augmenting with konektor 4 pin, so that second konektor this can be united or removed as according to motherboard we wear

2. atx 4 pin connector

used as penyedia supply tension to processor informer class pentium iv. so in pentium 4 downs, konektor this is unnecessary is used.

3. 4 pin peripherial power connector / molex connector

used as supply tension to various hardware like hardisk idea, cd rom drive and fan casing computer.

4. sata power connector

used to mensupply tension for component hardware that use interfaces sata like hardisk sata and cd/dvd rom sata.

5. floppy drive connector / berg connector

konektor this is special is used to floppy drive or even also external audio card. because use floopy drive now very rare, so konektor this is seldom used.

6. 6 pin pci-e connector

konektor this used to give tension in found on several graphic card that use slot pci express.

while tension value to each colour:
1. red = 5 volt
2. yellow = 12 volt
3. orange = 3,3 volt for louvre and slot pci
4. purple = 5 volt as power standby to motherboard
5. white = -5 volt
6. blue = -12 volt
7. green = functioned as power switch on
8. black = ground

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