Flyback for anode voltage generator

flyback as high voltage generator anode crt (high voltage)

  • horizontal pulse is used to restrain so that electron light does cleaner picture horizontally from sail left part to starboard. then with horizontal pulse high-speed will return electron light will get left sail to will begin to repeat penyapuan horizontal line next again.
  • electron light return pulse so that return to this sail left part is called" horizontal pulse retrace" . this pulses is maked use to arouse high voltage anode by turn on a tranfo in part horisontal-output. therefore tranfo this called tranfo flyback.
  • horizontal pulse current retrace that changes by lea in primary part flyback can menginduksi high voltage (hv) in secondary spool around 25 up to 30kv ac. and use mengode this tension menyearahkan is tension dc. as high voltage filter layer aquadaq in tube crt.
  • vr or potensio as tall voltage divider is installed insides bodi flyback to get high voltage for focus around 6kv and tension screen around 500v. except that is flyback also used to produce another low tensions like to suply vertical part, heater and 180v for video drive, and tension other for example for video circuit part or audio part (voice).

television sony that use tube trinitron want tension screen around 400" 800v. tension screen is not got from tranfo flyback, but got by menyearah horizontal pulses by turn on a mengode in sexy transistor collector.

why does high voltage generator use flyback?

horizontal pulse frequency magnitude around 15khz. profit with high frequency use to arouse high voltage that coil total tranfo to raise tension that wanted relatip not as much as if membanding use tranfo konvensionil such as those which worn in electricity ac with frequency 50hz (tranfo adaptor). if use transformer such as those which used in adaptor, sure more many will want spool, consume place, and heavy. because put hand to high frequency, so kernel tranfo flyback use ingredient from ferrite

Blooming and breathing

  • as high voltage rectifier hv used line dioda seri, so that cause has resistansi internal relatip tall. little current change can cause high voltage drops.
  • high voltage drops will causes the speed electron light will decreased and easier is bent by def yoke, so that finally raster will developing horizontal direction and vertical (the term blooming. . . . ). finally if contrast or britnes picture fluctuate can menimbulan disturbance raster pulsate (the term breathing. . . . . ).
  • in simple television to Run defect breathing usually is installed a resistor 1 up to 3 ohm 2 watt in stripe b+. if contrast or britnes picture will increase finally current b+ will increase and cause tension drops in resistor growing larger (tension drops v = i am x r). finally tension to horizontal output drops and horizontal deflection also drops so that raster doesn't so to developing.
  • big sail television usually wears circuit counters breathing by using pin-eht input found on ic jungel. pulse from flyback related to pin-eht and will related with correction part ew that otomastis will restrain hor-size and vert-size

pulses from tranfo flyback given to part circuit other with function to:

pulse is given to ic mikrokontrol as pulse hor sync, where with pulse vert sync from part vertikal-out worn for character generator osd (on screen menyplay). if this pulse is brokened off so will causes osd will not appear.
pulse is given to ic jungel /video chroma functioned for pulse blangking, signal generator sand-castle, colour processor and as pulse for horizontal afc. 2. if this pulse is brokened off can causes raster blank and osd doesn't appear, or picture a little shift kekiri so that visible there black block in sail starboard.
in several long television models (also in computer monitor) pulse from flyback worn for synchronization to part smps (switch fashion power supply). functioned to cause the loss of frequency disturbance smps towards picture. if this pulse is brokened off can causes problem like, power suply there Ound ngik, power suply not work, back ground picture there disturbance likes wood fiber.

Nb:layer aquadaq black coloured conductor layer membagian outside glass tabubg crt. this layer forms a kind of condenser with layer anode existing insides crt. therefore aquadaq must always be banded to ground well.

Courtesy: Marsono tv

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