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mt1389 chip prosesor dvd decoder many used in device dvd product player mediatek. all parts controller and decoder for player device dvd enter mendalamnya, among others: cpu based on 8031/2 (51 assember language), risc interfaces, servo controller, audio dsp, mpeg4, mpeg1/2, jpeg decoder, usb controller, rs-232 controller, output dac, general purpose io (gpio) and others. with system all-in one, make possible to make a decoder/player dvd in size mini and only with single chip controller.

mpeg board that use chip a lot of found market and of course many worn in famous brands also not because the economical value.

before step farther, ever reader hears or may be ever ask:

the goods same but caw remot/button fits?
the goods same but unegual logo?
the goods same but the facilities differ, one there usb other not?

like system embed another, to be able to work normally, prosesor this is necessary use memory rom and external louvre. rom be worn to will laid program that be run by prosesor (the easy if in pc = harddisk), stored program in rom common/usually is called firmware.

manner programmings mpeg dvd there are some manner that is:

use flash programmer external, with release ic, programminged, then installed again and tried.
use the player self with cd file containing rom- (upgrade cd). this manner only can be used if player under normal circumstances.
with pc/computer. mempasaran often met ic flash/rom that solderred direct in pcb, how does the program manner?

to limit theme, only lengten manner programmings mpeg dvd use pc/computer uses interfaces rs-232 (usually called com).

besides mt1389 product mediatek, there chip other of a kind product sunplus, zoran, samsung and others. prosesor can be programminged to repeat with pc. but only will lengten mt1389 author.

in this article, found some part that is:
my part is foreword,
part ii device that wanted,
part iii programming,
and latest part iv peel firmware mt1389.

device that wanted

to programming/mengeflash mpeg with chip mt1389xx, wanted devices as follows:

hardware (hardware)

  1. one ware pc/laptop with os windowsxp with minimal facilities there port serial (com) free. com must can menyet at a speed of 115200 bps.
  2. one unit rs-232 to logiclevel converter.
  3. power supply 5v/2a that stabil to give tension in mpeg that programminged.
  4. if computer/pc there is no port serial (com), but there usb, wanted one interfaces usb to rs-232 converter. connection manner (usb) – (usb to rs-232) – (rs-232 to logiclevel converter)

rs-232 to logiclevel converter, can be got at handphone repair stationer. usually used to fill ringtone hp long kind (age formerly class siemen m35 or nokia 3315). interfaces ware/cable pure rs-232 to logiclevel converter with power ration is got from port com in pc.
or, if we like to make self, there two alternative scheme rs-232 to logiclevel converter that test can be used, kind and the scheme as follows:

  • use ic max232. ic this detectable at electronic stores with digital specialization, price around ?

  • use transistor. although series next leave an impression cheap and simple, but enough good to programming mt1389.

two series take power rations from mpeg board (3v3). to can work normally, use cable head (prepacked ground) longly less than 150 cm (1,5 m).
usb to rs-232 converter/cable, obtainable at computer device seller stores. don't forget install driver and accomodate number com (example com1).

software (software)

author uses software mtktool version 2.42.12, please download in link next http: //monitor. net. ru/forum/files/mtktool_2.42.12_734. rar
after downloaded, extract in folder aloof, unnecessary menginstall, to run program lives double clicks mtktool. exe

location pin/port pemrogaman in mpeg board

you can look for pin/konektor in mpeg board with pin consist of gnd, tx, rx, and gnd (usually in hind side pcb). kadangkala there also mpeg mediatek not found name explanation pin (only consist of pin empty or pin tp). if you find mpeg mediatek berjenis this, to pin tx and rx detectable with massage stripe from ic pin 106=rxd, 107=txd in ic mt1389 256 pin/foots.

successor device

devices ever author have worn with result well enough. along with period development, in this time many found computer not wear/memfasilitasi with interfaces com, existing only usb. for that, author in this time use cable modem to hp nokia with type dku-5 product china/prolific. cable pure usb to rs-232 converter with output logiclevel, so unnecessary use rs-232 to logiclevel converter (ouput can direct mengoneksikan to mpeg direct). the installing even also easier, live install driver, set number com, konek to mpeg and colok to usb.
cable many at sell at konter servis hp or device stores hape and computer. author buys cable dku-5 cheap/usually in the amount rp 35.000. if cable price dku-5 original or good quality, can achieve hundreds thousands rupiah.

device connection

if you use one of [the] interfaces rs-232 to logiclevel like scheme that lengtened in part 2 by connect konektor db9f to konektor com1 available at computer. if computer not available interfaces com, you can connect input db9f to output usb to rs-232 converter beforehand, then input usb to rs-232 mencolokkan to usb free/empty. while connection ke-mpeg- accustommed with scheme.

if you use rs-232 to logiclevel that worn to fill ringtone hp long type:

  • cut cable output, usually consist of 3 cables each black coloured, white and blue.
  • correlate/solder white cable to pin rx/rxd in mpeg board and correlate/solder blue cable to pin tx/txd in mpeg board.
  • correlate black cable to pin gnd in mpeg board.
  •  input interfaces (db9f) to com free computer.

if you use cable modem dku-5:

  • cut cable output, cable full 6 cables each white coloured, blue, orange, green, black and red.
  • correlate/solder white cable to pin rx/rxd in mpeg board and correlate/solder blue cable to pin tx/txd in mpeg board.
  • correlate black cable to pin gnd in mpeg board.
  • the other cable is not used.

konek power supply 5v appropriate in mpeg that programming/memflash. if in mpeg board there konektor power 12v and -12v, there is no need to use/not given supply. only 5v (digital/principal) that given supply tension.

to be more detail, see picture/illustration next:

picture 1: on: cable rs-232 to logiclevel converter to fill ringtone hp long type (m35/nok3315), under: cable usb to rs-232 converter.

picture 2: close up cable connection

picture 3: connection that worn author up to now, use dku-5.

begin to programming

after all connections has been corrected to repeat, now moment it is running program to mengeflash. previous, animate mpeg board with give supply 5v then run application mtktool. exe (link downloads is on part 2), if com and connection menyet truly, will appear application window mtktool will like next:

menu/button function explanation as follows:

  • menu port, used to choose port that worn to programming.
  • menu baudrate used to choose baudrate (speed) port.
  • menu window, consist of: cascade = display all windows; bridge = click this menu if uses bridge/usb to rs-232 converter (not dku-5); partial erase = click/contreng this menu is if we like to wipes certain memory address; auto set flash baud rate = click/contreng this menu is to mensetting program so that mengeset speed baudrate automatically; flash upgrade = display window upgrade.
  • box ‘load bin file’ be used to will determine file name yg be programmed to flash eeprom (mpeg). click browse menganan box to open file.
  • box ‘backup file’ used to determine reading result file name from flas eeprom (mpeg). click browse menganan box to melokasi (save axis) result file reading/backs up.
  • checkbox verify, contreng this box is to memverify repeats automatically when does program writing (writing).
  • high speed, contreng this box is if we like to fashion high speed (hardware must support).
  • usb to uart bridge controller, contreng this box is if uses usb to rs-232 converter (dku-5 and com direct don't contreng).

back up/read data flash eeprom (firmware)

in affair programming/flashing, back up data step that must be carried out, the aim to check to what connection has appropriate/fitted all at once to keep reading result file from flash eeprom found mpeg (read firmware). while the step:
  • fill in file name in box ‘backup file’ for result file backs up. file name best loaded with number design/sasis/pcb in mpeg (for example al1389e-2al-1. bin), the aim simplify to look for firmware when wanted. because firmware design/sasis/pcb different has firmware different also. according to default, file location found in where is application mtktool installed.
  • click button backs up. if process backs up to walk successful, the display likes in picture (dependings to setting).
  • if walk successful (s/d 100%), repeat process backs up by the name of file back up different (for example al1389e-2al-2. bin).
  • now is comparing first file with second file by using program fc. exe (filecompare windows load) by order of:

- enter formerly to commandprompt, click start–run-ketik cmd – ok
- in prompt behind sign ‘>’ type fc /b nama_file_pertama nama_file_kedua
- file name in command fc belong by the name of the folder. example:
fc /b d: \dvd\mtk\al1389e-2al-1. bin d: \dvd\mtk\al1389e-2al-2. bin

  • if second file fit/same, please save/mengarsipkan for collection increase bin/firmware because at all time can be programmed in mpeg that has number sasis/design/pcb same.

picture: back up/reading process that walk pure.

flash upgrade/programming

before mengeflash a mpeg dvd, best will back up formerly firmware in mpeg that be programminged! ! !

  • fill in file name in box ‘load bin file’, if hesitant/not learn by heart the file location/name, use button browse menganan box to look for.
  • click button check sum, register check sum that displayed in logarithm box.
  • ascertain check box verify contreng.
  • click button upgrade. if process upgrade walk successful, see to what check sum file (see logarithm in latest line) what equal to chek sum that registerred previous. otherwise same, repeat step upgrade.
  • reset mpeg lethally power supply mpeg then animate again. see to what mpeg can work normally.

picture: process upgrade 100%

  • cable dku-5 author wears to use driver prolific with series pl2303hxa. if you use cable dku-5 original nokia driver wear driver dku-5 from cd the cable load (driver the original).

in one file binnary/firmware result download/read from mpeg can mempecah in a few part. parts example from firmware code/program part and data. to limit topic/theme, only lengten about logo data, data/table remote key and data/table keyboard or panel button.

device that wanted

  • software hex editor, author uses software xvi32 hex viewer.
  • notepad or editor text.

software mtkremaker used to edit file binnary/firmware, mtkmpeg tool used to convert picture file (bmp, jpg, etc) into format mpg. while software hex editor, used to edit data table file remote or table vfd key.

edit logo

picture 1: previous logo

picture 2: logo after replaced.

the steps:

  • will make to back up formerly file that be editted (mengopi). file will kopian/back up later be editted
  • run program mtkremaker. open file kopian/backs up. click in data part – skin – mpeg 0 (detail see picture 3)
  • click right in picture chooses save image, save by the name of logo file. bmp in program folder mtkmpegtool.
  • please edit picture file, maintain the size same (in byte) the originally. save with format jpg (don't jpeg2000) be logo. jpg.
  • make text file (with notepad) type line next: jpeg2yuv. exe -ip -l0 -n1 -v0 -f25 -j logo. jpg | mpeg2enc. exe -f3 -n p -b 1000 -a 1 -v 0 -o logo. mpg (detail see picture 4). then save file by the name of convert. bat in folder equal to logo file. file convert. bat, mpeg2enc. exe, jpeg2yuv. exe and logo. jpg must stay in folder same.
  • run file convert. bat to convert logo file. jpg be logo. mpg
  • return to mtkremaker, click right in list mpeg 0, click replace. contents/open logo file. mpg click open.
  • save file firmware, after stored, write/upgrade to mpeg board (the steps in part 3).

picture 3: edit logo.

picture 4: convert. bat

replaced table remote

the steps:

  • will make to back up formerly file that be editted (mengopi). file will kopian/back up later be editted.
  • run program mtkremaker. open file kopian/backs up. in list, look for item that named rc_remotetab (usually in code). click right item choose save, save by the name of remote. bin
  • back up file remote. bin beforehand.
  • open file remote. bin with program hex editor, edit button by edit notation available (in hexadecimal). don't add or decrease file long/size. because code number remote not yet known, so to adjust remote only with tries. . . . ? ? ?
  • after finished editted, save file remote. bin. total byte or file size before and after be editted must same.
  • return to mtkremaker. click right in item rc_remotetab choose replace, open/contents with file remote. bin that editted.
  • save file firmware, after stored, write/upgrade to mpeg board (the steps in part 3).

picture 5: rc_remotetab

picture 6: edit remote hex

edit table vfd key

its way equal to edit table remote, only in item vfd_buttontab. file name to keep table best called key. bin.

picture 7: edit button

thank pronunciation

author has said maximum thank to mabreaker that do watchfulness, make and prepare resource to this article writing.


this article has only review for self development and doesn't suggest to whoever to meng-crack firmware dvd, because may be firmware found on product dvd protected by law. all risk is underwrited self. thank.

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